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Andrea Miller Theisson            

paintweaver, writer, entrepreneur

With classic training and a magna-cum-laude Fine Arts degree in Textiles & Painting, she loves to paint in watercolors and acrylics as well as weave her tapestries of natural fibers and metals, sometimes embellished with found materials. Her organic expressionism reflects the natural world, with spirit! Her work includes Paintings, Tapestry, Museum Display, Murals, Curatorial and Literary services.,Books, and Creative Consultations. Private lessons and public workshops are offered. Each day is a celebration!

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 Art & The Impossible - Godmothers, Grandmothers and a Greater Vision : Peter Miller's legacy

Art, friendship, innovative thinking, creativity, words, and laughter. This was what was important! Art changed drastically in the early 1900's. Many young women were part of this, but few were remembered. Ideas, the spirits found in nature and physics and pueblos, and the influence of international friends came together to make the individual Peter Miller! Who is this? An artist full of Creative Spirit and a "Magical Realist," Henrietta Myers, from the small town of Hanover, PA, known for her father and partner's famous racehorse farms, changed her name, ran off to the high desert, and married C.Earle Miller.They both studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Art and with Arthur Carles, in the day of intense artistic change – the 1930’s, then traveled in France and Spain. She became part of a circle of great innovators - the Surrealists, and yet found her own quietly adventurous style. Her work was shown at galleries and museums in NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Albuquerque, and Philadelphia. She was from Hanover, PA, but not “of” Hanover. She found herself in Nature, in the mountains of New Mexico, and in the studio on her farm, in Chester County, PA. She knew many big names in the art world – Matisse, Ernst, Calder, and Wyeths, Julien Levy and museum directors, writers, critics, artists and thinkers. Her encouragement and joie de vivre affected many. Her friends of all walks in life shared in the fun. Her spirituality was strong, of ancient dreams and constant questing. Her determined evolution and self-actualization was a role-model, a legacy far beyond immediate family. Peter never had children, but many"godchildren" were part of her life, as she was to a special wise-woman in the desert, Edith Warner. Poets and physicists and Pueblo life were part of the story as well, and her gun-toting palomino-riding husband who sculpted and drew matadors, bulls, horses, and always, dancers.This book is about her life and those she loved, influenced,and shared with. It is about what is really important and authentic. Her story is a complex one, hidden for many years, and guarded by her wishes for privacy and her own “mythomania” that precludes detailed research. The book is a fascinating collage, a beginning attempt to explain Peter Miller, to put her work into a context. Yet, her art is outstanding, unique, and very symbolic of her time, and evocative of times past. She embodied many ideals that artists strive for, and had no need or wish to play games with fame or fortune. She needed neither, yet she wished for recognition. The author hopes that this book gives her that satisfaction. It's time to notice her independent American style, and enjoy the stories and words she left us, and to perhaps begin our own adventures.

Andrea Miller Theisson grew up an artist, in the same town of Hanover, PA as her subject, but Peter Miller is related only in spirit, through friendships and godchildren. A professional artist, magna-cum-laude graduate of Philadelphia's Tyler School of Art, tapestry weaver and painter, the author lives now in a farmhouse near Gettysburg, PA, after exploring both the East Coast and the West, and especially the Santa Cruz Mountains in California and northern New Mexico. Her soul-places are similar to Peter Miller's and a fascination with words and history brought this story full-circle to the inevitable connections of many different worlds.                                                                                                    

 Now Available: original drawings in A Neighborhood's Story -Black Horse Tavern Road on Marsh Creek - North of the old Hagerstown-Fairfield Road This 16-page booklet by myself is full of history, well-researched and annotated, drawings of houses built from the early 1700's through the 1800's. Soft cover. $10. each. Call me to pick up or purchase with $3 s & h if you'd like it mailed.

A Neighborhood's Story


Price: $10.00

Introducing a new series of essays, titled About Art by Artists for Artists (and Appreciators). These booklets cover a range of subjects pertaining to the Art life, art history and trends, philosophy and creativity. Theisson’s 40-plus years of study and professional life as an artist, as well as a network of influential artists, with years of holding Art Forum and Salon discussion groups, have inspired this series. As a part-time content writer for for several years, and a free-lance writer on her own, this artist has learned how to simplify and express ideas in words as well as her usual paint and tapestry mediums.

 Titles include The American Artist’s Struggle, American Artists in Europe, Art: Talent or Education?, The Deconstruction of Art: Where is the Talent?, Embracing the “Creative Tension” in a Person, How to Invest in Art, How To Make The Most of Drawing Lessons, How to Tell if It’s a “Work of Art”, Innovation and Traditionalism in Contemporary Art, Is Artistic Skill Natural or Learned?, Understanding Abstract Art, and Why Creativity is Mankind’s Greatest Asset.

She hopes to include work by others, as well. “I feel that it is important to hear from first-hand experience in the arts” she says. While there is much information out there, often art history is someone’s academic surmise about real process, real meaning, or intention by artists. "The clarity and encouragement that comes from sharing ideas is part of my mission in life, whatever medium I am working in," Theisson explains, " It is fun to present positive interpretations of art." 

The booklets are 11.5" x 4" and one-fold, with various colors and rubber-stamped images. just $2.50 each. Available by contacting the artist, payable by mail, or appt.

About Art essay series

one-fold booklets

Price: $2.50

Custom mural in progress at The Third Summer Guest House, Gettysburg, PA This was carefully researched to re-create a view of the Seminary Avenue neighborhood at the time of the Civil War - 2 big walls, 2 floors! Finished this in 2 months!

Hire Andrea to coach you and to help edit or write your literary dreams. Co-Author of Other Gettysburg Addresses with Judy Pyle and Christine Glatfelter, editor-compiler of Ike - Gettysburg's Gentleman Farmer, for Stanley Wolf, Andrea has worked extensively in PR and proofreading, and worked in libraries and with book discussion groups for over 30 years! It's all ART...wordsmithing is a craft! networking is an art!

Studio A on Marsh Creek is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations...custom work and murals have been offered for over 30 years. Located on scenic Marsh Creek at an 1830 stone farmhouse, my home studio is always a work-in-progress...I am open by appointment only. Look around my website (still a bit under construction, too!) and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.

(717) 337-3044


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